Anonymous last minute mailings

It seems unethical to allow using ethics complaints for political strategy. I’m still looking into some issues regarding the loopholes in the process that seem to get unethically taken advantage of.

Please note the date of the complaint in proximity to the election.

I did speak to some “accused” individuals as suggested by the Ethics Commission. They tell me that they never heard anything, and never received any letters from the Ethics Commission. I suppose at this point, I’m forced to make a huge assumption that a complaint was never filed.

I’m neither a candidate, nor an elected official. I’m unpolitical, without any agenda other than fulfilling civic responsibility to hold important people accountable. There are multiple individuals, and multiple ‘factions’, and I’m trying to fairly watch all of them.

Last years Shawnee election was called by a city councilman as “the dirtiest, filthiest election in Shawnee history.

When I spoke to the Ethics Commission last week, I wanted information regarding reports of a complaint filed by the Coalition for Better Cities. Today, I’m looking at their opposition.

Last year, a¬†mailer was received city wide by a significant number of Shawnee residents¬†on the Saturday and Monday prior to the general election on Tuesday. The return address was incorrect. I’m curious to know the standards by which this mailer is held, it’s timing, and the content of the mailer.

To me, as an unpolitical, I interpret the mailer and its timing to not comply with several points of “Statement of Fair Campaign Practice”.

Additionally, but perhaps most important to me, I’d like to know if a candidate who claims not to know anything about this mailing source, which appears to support him, is obligated to “immediately and publicly repudiate support” as a result of this mailer. Can he simply disavow any knowledge of it, and get a free pass?

That theory comes from the following document, which one of the candidates has signed:

I’m really looking for a way to apply “pressure” to each side to stop this type of activity. My belief is that this activity on all sides disengages citizen involvement in the democratic process. How can I say, please stop, to everyone?

Is this mailer subject to the Ethics Commission review? Is it compliant? If not, why? Based on the Statement of Fair Campaign Practice form, is the candidate required to denounce this mailer?

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